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Trucking Services in Glencoe, MN

Since 1988, Rose Trucking Inc. has been the leading provider of hauling services in Glencoe, Biscay, Sumter, and Plato, MN. We offer a full range of services for agricultural customers, and we’re proud to be partners in your success. Whether you need bulk feed hauling or a liquid fertilizer delivery to your field, we’re the team you can depend on. As a platinum award-winning company recognized the by Great West Casualty Company, we uphold an indelible reputation as a trucking service with every load we haul.

Reliable Hauling Services

Minnesota is at the northern end of America’s heartland—and for Rose Trucking Inc., it’s home. We’ve worked with agricultural customers in the region for decades, and we understand the needs and rigors of farm life. We’re your full-service hauling professionals, taking care of every aspect of wet and dry transport, including logistics.

  • Dry: We save you money by providing all your dry bulk transportation needs. Our dry hauling services transport goods to and from your agricultural facility, including feed, dry fertilizer, grains and more. Our specialized equipment safely transports dry goods, preventing damage and making it easy to load and unload these materials.
  • Wet: We’re also the trusted exports for wet hauling in Glencoe, MN. We transport liquid fertilizer to your facility or fields and haul wastewater away. When it comes to bulk liquid transport, there are plenty of regulations that need to be followed. We have years of experience in the industry; trust us to handle these necessary, yet potentially hazardous, materials.
Feed Hauling

Our grain hauling equipment also carries freight cargo wherever you need it to go. We prioritize on-time delivery no matter what load we’re carrying—wet or dry. When you choose us as your preferred feed hauling and transportation company, you have a responsive, dependable team on your side working to maximize your profits and make your life easier.

  • We’re a Platinum Award Winner, recognized by the Great West Casualty Company.
  • Though we’re headquartered in Glencoe, MN, we pull dry van freight across 35 states.
  • We’ve been an interstate carrier since 1992, with deep familiarity with the Midwest.
  • Our top-of-the-line equipment includes tractors, hopper bottom trailers and tankers.
  • We strictly serve agricultural operators with a keen understanding of your business.

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Rose Trucking Inc. is proud to fulfill the transportation needs of those who feed our nation. Contact us today to learn more about our services and our competitive rates.

We offer grain hauling and trucking services in the entire upper midwest!

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